Coal Tar Epoxy

EP-TAR 202 is a solvent based two-component product evolved by blending of coal tar, epoxy resins with modified amine hardener and solvents.


EP TAC – 303 has been specially developed for use as a primer for the application of Chemistik Epoxy Systems. CHEMISTIK EP TAC – 303 has also been widely used to promote adhesion between new and old concrete. Also it can be used as an anticorrosive coating primer on metal/concrete structures.
EP TAC – 303 consists of a resin and hardener which are unaffected by cold, damp, frost and many chemicals and acids

EP CLEAR – 444 is a two component epoxy based colourless liquid coating. Its water white appearance provides high gloss and smooth surface when used as a finish coat over epoxy painting treatments.

A two-component, high build glossy epoxy coating based on epoxy resin, EP GLOSS -333 has excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals, fresh and salt water, mineral oils, petrol, diesel etc.
Our epoxy compositions are available with both polyamide and amine adduct curing agent. These coatings have good exterior durability, improved adhesion and flexibility and good chemical resistance.

Chemistik EP ZC – 300 is a two-component, zinc rich epoxy primer which imparts cathodic protection to base metal and also prevents under film creeping corrosion. It has good resistance to gas cutting and welding. The primer is supplied in two packs – fine zinc dust mixed with epoxy resin as base and liquid hardener as curing agent. They are to be mixed in the ratio or as supplied.

Chemistik EP ZCH 401 is a two-component, Zinc Chromate Epoxy primer containing zinc chromate pigment. It has excellent adhesion to steel and galvanised surfaces.

A two-component, red oxide epoxy primer containing red oxide pigment, Chemistik EP RO 400 has excellent adhesion to steel and other metal surfaces.

Chemistik EP GI 405 is a two component epoxy primer specially formulated to give improved bonding on galvanised iron surfaces and aluminium. New GI and Aluminium surfaces are usually very smooth making adhesion of primer or paints very difficult.