EP GI 405 (Primer for Galvanized Sheets)


Chemistik EP GI 405 is a two component epoxy primer specially formulated to give improved bonding on galvanised iron surfaces and aluminium. New GI and Aluminium surfaces are usually very smooth making adhesion of primer or paints very difficult.


Used as a base coat primer for GI/Aluminium surfaces pri or to Epoxy/PU top coats.


It shouldbe applied on dry and clean surfaces where moisture is not present.
It canbe appliedwithbrush or airless spray.
Chemistik EP GI 405 is a two component packed in two different containers. Stir both the containers thoroughly and separately and mix them in a specified proportion as given.
If the primer requires thinning or if painting tools need cleaning, use EP THIN 200.
All the equipments should be cleaned thoroughly after use.


Avoid inhalation of solvent vapour or paint mist and direct contact of primer with skin and eyes. Provide face ventilation when working with solvent borne coatings in confined spaces or stagnant air. Provide respiratory, skin and eye protection. Do not smoke in the area away from any open flames, lights etc.

  • It has excellent adhesion to galvanised surfaces.
  • Good adhesi on to aluminium surfaces.
  • A metal primer to improve bond between difficult surfaces and top coats.

The surface should be dry, free from loose particles, dust,rust, grease, oils etc .. All previous treatments to be removed completely. The primer must have direct contact with cleaned metal. Use only where application can proceed at temperatures above 10°C.


Clean hands, tools equipments with EP THIN 200 only.


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight


4, 20 Ltrs.