Integral Waterproofing Compound

Integral water proofing admixtures usually available in India are not really permeability reducers, but are only damp proofers. These damp proofers are available in powder form which repel water flowing through the pores of the concrete and therefore are not really water proofers.

Polycrete Admixture is a dispersion of Milky White Acrylic Polymer based liquid/SBR based liquid specially developed for making Polymer Modified Cementious based coatings for waterproofing system. It is also suggested for use as a bonding coat with old to new concrete, and plaster and for repairing of plaster and concrete.


Chemistik Super Plasticizer is a powerful, high range admixture which greatly reduces the water content in the concrete mix thus increasing the workability and an increase in the early and ultimate strength. The mix remains cohesive and can be placed with little or no compaction and is not subject to excessive bleeding or segregation.

Chemistik PN – 200  is an admixture which increases the compressive strength,  reduces the water/cement ratio and improves workability. Its chloride free composition permits usage in all Kinds of concreting work like OPC, reinforced and prestressed concrete. The mix remains cohesive and can be placed with little or no compaction.

Water Reducers

This liquid admixture is used as an aid to increase workability of fresh concrete without increasing water content or maintaining workability with a reduced amount of water. Hence can be used as a water reducer or workability aid for the reduction of cement.

Air Entraining

Chemistik Airtite is a chloride free liquid admixture for mortars and concrete. Addition in suitable doses causes air to be incorporated in the form of minute bubbles in the concrete or mortar during mixing, usually to increase workability and resistance to freezing and thawing and disruptive action of deicing salts. A.E.A. when used in proper amounts increases the resistance of hardened concrete to freezing and thawing and normally at the same time improves the workability of fresh concrete.


Chemistik Retarder Cum Plasticizer is an admixture which causes delay in initial and final setting time allowing concrete to be transported handling and placing at the required length of time. It can be used it all kind of cements including sulphate resistant types. It allows the reduction in water cement ratio, thereby improving the compressive strength of the concrete than the normal mix design. Very useful in hot weather conditions.


Chemistik Accelerator is a whitish, water like liquid admixture used in cold weather concreting and for speeding up the setting and hardening process of concrete for early finishing and mould removal.