EP TAC – 303 (Epoxy Bond Coat)


EP TAC – 303 has been specially developed for use as a primer for the application of Chemistik Epoxy Systems. CHEMISTIK EP TAC – 303 has also been widely used to promote adhesion between new and old concrete. Also it can be used as an anticorrosive coating primer on metal / concrete structures.
EP TAC – 303 consists of a resin and hardener which are unaffected by cold, damp, frost and many chemicals and acids.


Bonding old to new concrete – improved adhesion over normal concrete / concrete bond.
Surface repairs – bonding of spalled concrete surfaces.
Primer for Chemistik Epoxy Mortar and ESM ideal for Exposed Reinforcements on both concrete surfaces and exposed reinforcing steel work.


Apply the CHEMISTIK EP TAC – 303, mixed as above to the prepared surfaces with a nylon bristle brush, working well into the surface to ensure complete wetting.
The freshly prepared concrete or Epoxy Mortar or ESM should be applied while the tack coat is tacky or else satisfactory adhesion will not be obtained. Conventional concrete repairs should be allowed to dry for a minimum of seven days and Epoxy Mortar should be treated as recommended in the data sheet.


Remove all the resin and hardener from containers as far as possible and ensure that materials are fully mixed. Inadequate mixing will lead to soft, uncured patches which will peel off.
Make sure that surfaces are properly prepared, as detailed above. Neglect of surface preparation can lead to failure.
Do not apply on very wet surfaces.
Do not add water, thinners or any other materials not included i n the pack.
Do not attempt to split packs. Do not store below 5°C.
Do not apply on fresh concrete.
In flamable hence do not smoke work in a well ventilated area do not use near open flames, lights etc.


Pre-packed unit pair of 4 & 20 litres available.

  • Two component pre-packed units ready for use
  • Handy size, easily stored.
  • Impervious.
  • Can be applied on damp surface. Saves time in complete surface drying.
  • Can also be applied to any exposed steel reinforcement or structures.

The hardened concrete should be clean, dry and free from surface contamination, laitence etc. Best results are obtained by exposing the aggregate using a scrapper or angle grinder.
All dust, thus, produced should be removed by brushing thoroughly and it is preferable to use an industrial vacuum cleaner, if available.
Mix together one container of resin with one container of hardener. Use knife or flat piece of wood and stir thoroughly until completely mixed. Apply as described below.


All tools and mixing vessels should be cleaned immediately after use with EP-THIN-200 only.


Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

EP TAC - 303