Polycrete (Acrylic / SBR Polymer)


Polycrete Admixture is a dispersion of Milky White Acrylic Polymer based liquid/SBR based liquid specially developed for making Polymer Modified Cementious based coatings for waterproofing system. It is also suggested for use as a bonding coat with old to new concrete, and plaster and for repairing of plaster and concrete.

  • Waterproofing of Toilets, Bathrooms, sunken slabs basement, water tanks
  • Repairing of Cement/Plaster, Masonry walls, Internal and External by Cement Mortar duly admix with Polymer.
  • Renovation protection of concrete / Reinforcement bars against corrosion- with Polymer Modified Cement Slurry/Plaster.
  • As an additive for cement paints white and grey cement to improve water Resistance and bonding property, prevents chalking and increase life of cement paint.
  • As an additive to cementitous putty to improve, waterproofing property and Bond.
  • Filling joints of Tiles, and as an additive for Cement Mortar/Tile Glue for laying of Tiles, for good bond.

Available in 1, 5 & 20 ltr.


Clean hands, tools etc. with water.

  • Improves, Flexural, Compression and impact strength.
  • Excellent Bonding/adhesion to old and New concrete and plaster.
  • Can be applied on vertical and horizontal surface to uniform thickness as a coating.
  • Polymer Modified Cement Mortar improves compaction and prevents salt petre action mortars.
  • Polymer Modified Cement Slurry, prevents corrosion of rein for cement bars.
    ⦁ Prevents blistering and peeling of coaling.
    ⦁ Resistant to water, mild acids and Alkalis.
    ⦁ Reduces shrinkage, improves workability.

1. Plaster Repair: Remove deteriorated debonded plaster by suitable means, thereafter wire brusing the surface to remove dust, dirt, loose particles and wash the surface with clean water, ensuring that the surface is preweted and allow to damp dry. Apply key coat or bond coat over the surface by brush of Polymer based cement slurry duly admix with Chemistik Polycrete in a proportion 1:1, by volume allow to tack dry (10 to 15 minutes) Lay Polymer modified Cement Sand Mortar 1:3 duly admix with Chemistik Polycrete dosage 5% by weight of cement duly mixed with required water content and repair the area, allow to cure with cleanwater/moist cure as usual.

2. Concrete, (Beams/Columns) Repair & Restoration: Remove deteriorated debonded concrete by suitable mans, wire brush the surface to remove loose particles, dust, laitance, etc. Wash the surface with clean water and allow to damp dry. Apply a bond coat of Chemistik Polycrete and allow to tack dry. Lay the polymer Modified concrete of mix design 1:1’/,:3 duly admix with Chemistik Polycrete @ 5% by weight of cement and cure the surface with clean water as usual.

3. Coatings: Wire brushing the surface to remove dust, dirt loose particles, laitance, and wash the surface to remove dirt. All concrete/plaster surface must be preweted with water at least for an hour and allow to damp dry. Pour 1 It of Chemistik Polycrete Admix in a Open can tin, pour 2 kg of Cement slowly, stir it with rod or mixture to make it lump free and apply it within 30 minutes by brush. Allow to dry for 4 to 5 hours, apply second coat as above, allow to set at least for 24 hours, thereafter moist cure for 72 hours.

4. Cement Paint: Prepare the surface as stated above, apply cement paint/coating by brush duly admix with Chemistik Polycrete 3 Ltr. plus required water for cement paint/white cement bag of 5o kgs, allow to dry for 6 to 8 hours, prior to application of second coat and allow to dry/cure the surface thereafter for better result for 3 days.