Water Reducer (Water Reducing Admixture)


This liquid admixture is used as an aid to increase workability of fresh concrete without increasing water content or maintaining workability with a reduced amount of water. Hence can be used as a water reducer or workability aid for the reduction of cement.


The actual dosage depends on what performance is required from concrete: whether as a water reducer, workability aid or for saving cement. As a normal dosage it is recommended to use 200 ml to 300 ml per bag of cement. With above dosage, one can achieve normal water reduction, workability and saving in cement when also no alterations in the mix design are required. However, for specific requirements and to determine the actual dosage, actual test mixes should be carried out after taking into consideration the ambient temperature, size of aggregate and site conditions.
Water reducer cum plasticizer is added to gauging water.


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


Overdose of water will adversely affect the mix design. Normal curing of concrete mustbe done.


Chemistik Water Reducer can be used with all types of cements including the sulphate resistant type. It is chloride free and has no harmful effects on reinforcement steel, prestressed tendons etc. It is an efficient surfactant which allows quick dispersion of cement particles due to weakening of interparticle attraction, thereby preventing the formation of lumps in cement. As wetting of cement particle is very efficient, the rate of hydration is also faster, leading to early strengths.


As a water reducer: by keeping the workability of the concrete mix constant, a reduction of upto 15% in the quantity of water added can be achieved giving higher strength. This results in less shrinkage and cracking.
Increase in compressive strength.
The reduction of water-cement ratio permits the casting of more dense concrete structure with less voids. This makes the concrete more impermeable.
Reducing water ensures less bleeding and segregation.
As a workability aid, if the W/C ratio is kept constant the addition of Chemistik Water Reducer increases workability.
The use of water reducer permits reduction in W/CG ratio thereby increasing the compressive strength. If higher strengths are not required then the cement content can be lowered.


Available in 5, 20, 200 litres.