Chemicrete (Integral Waterproofing Admixture)


Integral water proofing admixtures usually available in India are not really permeability reducers, but are only damp proofers. These damp proofers are available in powder form which repel water flowing through the pores of the concrete and therefore are not really water proofers.
They do not reduce the water-cement ratio which is vitally important for making an impermeable concrete. Chemicrete is a liquid admixture based on complex chemicals which is superior to all conventional powder admixtures.


For normal concrete mixes requiring inpermeability, a dosage of 200 ml. per bag (by weight) of cement is recommended. However, for different concrete mixes actual field trials should be taken for determination of correct dosage, after taking into account the ambient temperature, size of aggregates, site conditions etc. Chemicrete is added to gauging water.


Overdose of admixture will not harm the concrete/mortar mix but overdose of water will adversely affect the mix design. Normal curing of concrete must be done.


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight


Can be used with all types of cements including the sulphate resistant type. It is chloride free, hence, will not have any harmful effect on the reinforcement steel, prestressed tendons etc. For any unusual circumstances, our technicians will be glad to give recommendations.


Effective in lean mixes which by addition can give the mix a reasonable amount of workability.
Water-cement ratio can be reduced which is very essential to improve the quality of concrete making it crackfree, compact and impermeable.
A reasonable increase in compressive and split tensile strength.
Ideal for use in cement mortars for plasters.
Reduces segregation and increases cohesive strength.
Reduces setting time, rate of bleeding, and no honey combing.
Completely water tight since capillaries are blocked by the Chemicals
Suitable for in situ concrete, mortars, mass concreting, precast slabs, blocks and all concrete where impermeability is required.


Available in  1, 5, 20, 200 litres.