SP – 100 (Super Plasticizer High Range)


Chemistik Super Plasticizer is a powerful, high range admixture which greatly reduces the water content in the concrete mix thus increasing the workability and an increase in the early and ultimate strength. The mix remains cohesive and can be placed with little or no compaction and is not subject to excessive bleeding or segregation.


An excellent admixture for stiff concrete, it can be made to flow so that placement of concrete is easy and structures with complex reinforcements can be cast without honey combing.
Where high and ultimate compressive strengths are required.
For self levelling concrete. Minimizes segregation and bleeding.
The powerful dispersing action substantially reduces the quantity of water without affecting the workability resulting in a high strength with very low permeability.
Where higher strength is not necessary one can save on cement by lowering the proportion of cement in a given mix while keeping the water cement ratio and original compressive strength constant. Ideal for precast concrete, quick release moulds, highly recommended for railway sleepers R.C.C. sections etc.


Clean hands, tools etc. with water.


Overdose of water will adversely affect the mix design. Normal curing of concrete must be done.


Chemistik Super Plasticizer can be used with all types of cements including the sulphate resistant types. At given water-cement ratios, it increases the workability of the concrete by raising the slump from 75 mm to 200 mm plus substantial increase in compressive strength. Chemistik Super Plasticizer will have no harmful effects on reinforced steel, prestressed tendons etc. For unusual circumstances, our technicians will be glad to give recommendations. A Reduction of 30% water and 20% cement can be achieved in higher mix design.


The degree of acceleration depends on the amount of admixture added to the concrete mix.
Normally as a guideline for flowing concrete, 300 to 800 ml per bag of cement (by weight) is recommended. For high early strengths, actual tests should be taken after taking into account the temperature, size of aggregate and actual site conditions for correct determination of dosage.

Super Plasticizer is added to gauging water.


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


Available in 5, 20, 200 litres.