White Water Proofer (Acrylic Coating)

WWP IMG-20181016

Chemistik WWP creates a tough and abrasion resistant film, seals hairline cracks, totally and acts as an effective barrier against moisture, water and atmospheric impurities. Further, it waterproofs all absorbent surfaces. Due to its white colour, it reflects heat and helps in reducing room temperature and keeps interiors cool.

  • Waterproofing of terrace, parapet walls, chajjas, outer and inner walls, basements, as an overcoat or undercoat on R.C.C. slabs.
  • Waterproofing of terraces having China mosaic surface or any glazed surface.
  • As an overcoat wherever Crackseal has been used.
  • Application on A.C. sheets, GI sheets, PUF insulated roofs reduces temperature and keeps interiors cool.
  • Ideally recommended for use on sloping roofs, inverted roofs, domes, steeples, bio gas plants, shell roofs etc.
  • Stir the contents thoroughly.
  • Apply one coat of Chemistik White Water Proofer on prepared surface. Allow to dry for 8 hours.
  • Apply second coat as above. Every subsequent coat, if applied, should be at an interval of 8 hours between each coat.
  • Available in Grey, Red and Teracotta colours.
  • The surface to be treated should be clean, dry and moisture free. Cannot be applied on damp surfaces.
  • Working areas should be well ventilated, as the fumes of the evaporation of solvent should not be inhaled. Smoking should not be permitted during application.
  • Do not apply on fresh concrete. Can be applied after 28 days of curing of concrete only.

Being inflammable, it should be stored in a cool, dry place away from heat and naked flames.


Available in packings of  1, 4, 20 litres.

  • Single-component, ready-to-use, white colour.
  • Abrasion resistant, washable, scrub resistant.
  • Resistant to temperature upto 100°C to 110°C, excellent reflection of sunlight, reduces room temperature.
  • High elongation, withstands expansion/ contraction without cracking, deforming, softening or peeling of films.
  • Excellent barrier to moisture, gas atmospheric impurities and chemical attacks on structure.
  • Prevents growth of fungus, mildew, algae, etc.
  • Excellent adhesion to almost all types of structures ad building materials.
  • No skilled labour required. Can be applied by brush or can be sprayed.
  • Durable and economical.
  • Remove all existing treatment, if any.
  • Clean the surface free of oils, grease, dust, loose particles etc.
  • Clean the cracks and joints of dust, loose particles etc.
  • Apply one coat of Clear Waterproofer on the surface. Allow to dry for 6 to 8 hours.
  • Fill the visible cracks with Chemistik Crackseal Compound by means of putty knife, spatula or fingers. Avoid formation of cavities, bubbles at the time of filling.
  • Allow to dry for at least 24 hours. Observe the filling area after lapse of the said time, and if necessary re-fill the cracks to the level of the surface.

Wash all containers, brushes, tools and hands with mineral turpentine only.