SPU – 500 (Polyurea Elastic Waterproof Coating)


Chemistik SPU 500 is a remarkable coating, and lining based on Polyurea Polymer Technology. It is a superior protective and waterproof coating cum lining which adheres to almost all types of surfaces having long durabilities. When traditional coatings/linings need constant repair or take too long to install or cannot be applied due to ambient conditions or don’t stand up to abrasion and corrosion Chemistik SPU-500 is the answer to above limitations; it will take care within minutes.


Can be applied as a waterproof coating on various types of roofs, flat, sloping, inverted domes, steeples etc. As a protective and abrasion resistant coating on concrete industrial floors in all types of factories, ware houses, garages, car parks etc. Underground and below ground structures, like basements, car parks, water retaining structures, aquariums, sewers, Storage tanks metal or concrete, for oils, fuels, water, effluence, waste water. Ideal for water parks, playgrounds, landscape, Theme Parks etc. As anti corrosive on metals or concrete like Bridges, Railway bridges, marine structures, Oil Rigs, Platform, truck bed-lining, rail-car linings. Pipes and internal pipe linings, metal roofs etc.


Chemistik SPU-500 is applied only by a special two component/plural spray pump. The mixing ratio of Chemistik SPU- 500 is 1:1. On metal surfaces after necessary cleaning , prime the surface with Chemistik EP Seal 100 epoxy seal coat allow to dry until tacky and then commence spray application of Chemistik SPU-500. In order to guarantee uniform film thickness it is advised to apply in two applications to achieve desired thickness. The material must be sprayed uniformly equally and should adhere well to the surface without cracking, uneven thickness, air bubbles etc. For most applications recommended thickness would be between 1-2mm. Inter coating interval can be almost immediately. Can be walked on within seconds and traffic can be started within 2-3 hours depending on ambient temperatures. For higher gloss of our Chemistik Protek – 4000 NL Sealer may be applied on finished surface following same procedure as above. Coverage about 35-40 SM/ltr./coat.


All tools equipments etc can be cleaned with aromatic solvents like Toluene


12 months in original containers


Part A 220 Kg, Part B 200 Kgs, MS Drums

  • No VOC little or no odour.
  • Adheres to almost all types of surfaces with good bond.
  • Resistant to Thermal shock.
  • Highly Flexible and Resilient.
  • Seamless waterproof coating.
  • Applicable in various thickness in one application.
  • Cures at – 5ºC to 50ºC even at High humidity levels.
  • Highly resistant to abrasion and corrosion.
  • Very low permeability.
  • Resistant to various solvents, caustics mild acids and alkalis.
  • Can be applied vertically without sagging.
  • Resists high temperature fluctuations from – 40°C to 110°C.

Like in all coatings the surface preparation is of prime importance. The surface should be dry, stable and clean, free from loose dirt, dust, grease, oils, mortar droppings, etc. For metal surfaces complete removal of mil scale rust is important blasting and polishing would be required to clean heavy rusting. In case of metals the use of primer is recommended.


Work in well ventilated areas and do not smoke during applications and keep away from open flames , lights etc. It is recommended to use protective gear like gloves, mask, boots etc. during application, use mixed material within 45 seconds. Do not commence application during inclement weather or when rain seems in imminent. For exposed surfaces Chemistik SPU – 500 would fade but will not loose its properties or durability. In such cases two coats of Chemistik PU – 60 is recommended as top coats.


Store original container in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

SPU – 500