Tile Glue (Waterproof Tile Adhesive)


Chemistik Tile Glue is a ready-mix, dry powdered glue for thin-set laying of ceramic tiles, mosaics and facing tiles on walls and floors, for repairs and laying tiles over Existing ones, for laying large-size stoneware tiles and natural stone slabs such as marble etc. Traditional chipping at the back side of marble slabs, which is uneconomical and time consuming, is not required, since our glue has better grip than ordinary cement mortar.


Bonding ceramic, glazed tiles, mosaic, marble, granite and stone tiles to concrete surfaces, for walls and floors, and for laying new tiles on old tiling. It is suitable for internal and external use


(a) With notched trowel :
Spread the glue on the surface which is thoroughly wetted with water to an even bed thickness of about 3mm with atrowel.
Comb the glue with a notched edge of trowel ensuring that continuous horizontal ribs of glue are formed.
Fix dry tiles immediately after combing the glue to ensure that glue does not dry out.
To ensure maximum adhesion, tiles should be pressed firmly on the adhesive with a slight sliding or twisting action.
Adjusting can be upto 15 minutes after fixing.

(b) Without notched trowel:
Do not soak the tile in water.
Spread the glue paste on the wetted surface (wall or floor) to an even bed thickness of 3 mm.
Also spread the glue evenly over the backs of dry tiles to the thickness required ensuring the backs of tiles are completely covered.
Do not cover more than 1 sq. mtr. at a time.
Press the tiles immediately to the tile glue laid surface by pushing and twisting into place to obtain firm grip of paste. Remove any surplus glue from the edges and joints.
Adjustments in placing tiles is possible as long as the glue paste is In plastic state for about 15 minutes.
Prepared tile glue paste must be used within 3 – 4 hours.
To ensure maximum adhesion, tiles should be moved
slightly by twisting before final positioning. Gently, tap the tile with a wooden piece to ensure firm grip in the bed.


Keep away from moisture and humidity.

  • Improved adhesion over conventional cement/sand mortar fixing. No blending of materials required, add clean water only. Will not stain or discolour white or pastel colour tiles.
  • Thanks to excellent adhesion properties of our tile glue; (1) It is now possible to lay new tiles over existing tiles or stone surface without pulling out the old tiles, exactly like laying PVC tiles. (2) Traditionally, the back side edges of the marble slabs are chipped. Now, the slabs can be laid without chipping which will save considerable skilled labour cost

Surface to be tiled must be clean and free from grease, dust etc. and flat enough to permit fixing with thin bed adhesives. Add clean water 1 part to 4 parts powder by weight and mix to a thick creamy consistency. The mix should be allowed to stand for 10 – 15 minutes. Stir again before use


Wash the tools and hands with water.


Store in a cool, dry place. Shelf life is 12 months.


Polylined Bag 25 kgs.


2 – 3 kg. sq. mtr. depending on the condition of the base and the type of trowel used for bedding.

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