RAPID RM – 400 (Acrylic Rapid Repair Mortar)


Chemistik Rapid RM – 400 is a two component acrylic rapid repair mortar comprising of part A powder and part B Liquid. It is specially formulated from acrylates for very quick repairs within a very short time and the traffic could resume within the hour. It is workable and can be used below sub zero temperature upto -25°C. It achieves full strength within a short time hence can be used where little or no down time is available.


This rapid cure mortar can be used at all places where there is no down time available. Concrete floors in various factories having heavy traffic, loading decks, good for cold storages without shutting down, quick and strong repairs to stair case of concrete, marbles or granite, Expressways, highways, ramps, driveways, bridge decks, aprons, and runways, large tanks, reservoirs, sumps, aqueducts etc..


Use mixed material with pot life provide eyes protection and gloves• Do not smoke in the vincity.


Store in a cool dry place away from water or humid conditions.


25 Kgs packs.


⦁ Good bond to all concrete masonry surfaces.
⦁ Can be used below – 25°C.
⦁ Minimum down time.
⦁ Excellent for horizontal and ve1tical surfaces.
⦁ No primer required .
⦁ Unaffected by frost and wide temperature fluctuations.
⦁ Very high early compressive and flexural strength.
⦁ Can be used in varying thickness.


Wash all hands, tools and containers etc. with clean water immediately after use.


The area to be repaired must be free from loose dirt, dust, gravel, laitance, oil grease etc. must be dry and firm. Use an electric slow speed mixer with a mixing container, pour the liquid into it add the powder slowly until a lump free homogenous workable mix is achieved. The normal mixing ratio is 100 parts powder to 14 parts liquid. This ratio can be modified depending on the consistency required. More liquid can be added (maximum upto 20 parts) for a smooth flowing trowellable consistency for horizontal repairs and for vertical repairs for stiff consistency the liquid to be reduced (maximum upto 10 parts) Due to limited pot life use the mixed material within
30 minutes. The pot life can be extended to maximum 60 minutes by adding more liquid as mentioned above. Ambient temperatures will not affect the pot life. Use steel trowel to finish smooth.

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