Chemistik Premium

Chemistik Premium

Clear Sealer (Siloxane Sealer)

Clear Sealer is a solvent based, colourless, low viscosity penetrating type sealer coating. When applied, the coating penetrates into the surface allowing the solvents to evaporate and the active ingredients stay in blocking the pores in the surface. It can be used on all types of surfaces which allow penetration like external plastered […]

HB-75 (Heavy Duty Textured Coating)

An optimal blend of specially created acrylic binder and premium grade pigments combined with rheology modifiers and fillers, Chemistik HB-75 is an acrylic high build wall coating. This provides a tough, waterproof, durable yet flexible film which can breathe. Chemistik HB-75 is formulated to protect old and new painted or bare masonry walls […]

SB-65 (Superior Masonry Coating)

SB-65 is a superior High Build Coating based on acrylic combined with premium resins, pigments, fillers and solvents. Its excellent water resistance not only water proofs the surface but also weather proofs and decorates the surface for years to come.ADVANTAGES Flexibility: Its high elasticity can withstand the temperature variations including normal expansion/contraction of […]

PDS-50 (High Build Anti-Carbonation Coating)

PDS-50 is a new generation eco friendly high build flexible coating specially formulated to provide superior waterproofing and anti carbonation cover to the structure. It is based on modified acrylates and copolymers with specially selected fillers pigments and additives. Its formulations is such it provides ultraviolet resistance excellent resistance to industrial gases and […]

HB-70 (High Build Elastomeric Roof Coating)

HB-70 is a white, elastomeric, High Build Coating for waterproofing and weatherproofing of old and new built up roofs. This premium quality elastomeric roof coating is formulated from 100% acrylic resins and fillers having superior ultraviolet resistance and flexibility. HB70 provides durability, low temperature flexibility and excellent resistance to weathering and dirt pick […]

PU 35-N (Clear Lacquer)

Chemistik PU 35-N Clear Lacquer is a colourless coating which creates barriers against water moisture, air pollution and chemicals at the same time retains maximum value of structures such as marble, mosaic, stone without deforming its originality. ADVANTAGES Single component, ready to use, colourless coating, can be applied by brush, spray or rollers. Resistance […]

Kool Kote HF-20 (Heat Reflective Coating)

Kool Kote HF-20 contains highest quality of selected Acrylic Resins combined with insulating and reflective fillers. It is a bright white coating having high reflectivity to sun’s rays, hence keeping interiors cool during hot summer months. It is suitable for use on all types of horizontal and vertical surfaces. Being water base it is […]

PU-60 (Polyurethane Waterproof Coating)

Chemistik PU-60 has been specially developed from the very latest polyurethane technology and is designed to provide long term protection. It is supplied in two parts comprising resin and hardener. It is ideally suited for new and remedial work and for substrates like concrete, cementitious surfaces, asbestos, GI sheets, M.S. and all metals. […]

CW-100 (Tank Waterproof Coating)

Chemistik CW-100 is a two-component polymer modified flexible coating. This product may be trowel brush or spray applied to provide a flexible, waterproof barrier. Chemistik CW-100 may be used where there is a requirement to exclude water from a building or retain it within a structure. The material is particularly effective where there […]

ACC-30 (Anti Condensation Coating)

ACC-30 is a unique state-of-art technology product specially developed indigenously to solve the problems of condensation and mould. ACC-30 is manufactured using latest technology with only the best raw materials and ensuring superb onsite performance. This perfectly blended product eliminates the break down of conventional paints in condensation phenomena; hence prevents bad odour, […]

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