PU 35 – N (Clear Lacquer)

pu 35

Chemistik PU 35 – N Clear Lacquer is a colourless coating which creates barriers against water moisture, air pollution and chemicals at the same time retains maximum value of structures such as marble, mosaic, stone without deforming its originality.


Chemistik PU 35 – N Clear Lacquer is ideally suitable for:
All types of rough and smooth polished, unpolished stones, external walls of buildings having stone claddings, marble tiles, ceramic, glass tiles, bricks, etc.
All types of porous stones to prevent dampness.
As adjust proofer for concrete
As a gloss coat on articles made of wood, metal, artefacts, etc.
Unglazed tiles, slates, pavers.


Stir the contents in the container before use.
Apply one coat of Chemistik PU 35 – N Clear Lacquer on the prepared surface.
Allow the coating to dry for4 to 6hours.
Apply second coat of Chemistik PU 35 – N Clear Lacquer and allow to dry for 4 to 6 hours. Any subsequent coat if required can be applied as above.

  • Do not smoke while coating, as product is highly in flamable.
  • Being inflammable keep away from naked flames, direct heat, light etc.
  • Working area should be well ventilated, as the solvent fumes should not be inhaled for prolonged periods.
  • Smoking should not be permitted during application.

Keep in original containers in cool dry place from direct sunlight.


4 Ltrs., 20 Ltrs.

  • Single component, ready to use, colourless coating, can be applied by brush, spray or rollers.
  • Resistance to temperatures upto 100°C.
  • Will not crack, deform, peel or discolour after application.
  • Resistant to mild acids ,alkalies, detergents, oils, grease, etc.
  • Prevents growth of ftmges, mildew, hence adds life to the surface and keeps it in original condition for along time.
  • Excellent adhesion to all types of stones, marble, glass, ceramic tiles, concrete, wood, etc.
  • Easily recoatable for maintenance, surface can be overcoated without the need for scrapping the previous coating.
  • Waterproofs and beautifies the buildings.
  • Clean the surface from dust, loose particles ,oils, grease, etc.
  • Ensure that unmgus, mildew growth are removed and cleaned with detergents or Florklin and washed thoroughly.
  • Fill the cracks, joints with Chemistik Crackseal Caulking Compound by spatula, putty knife or finger. Avoid formation of cavities or bubbles. Chemistik Tile Grout can also be use.
  • Allow the sealant to dry for 24 hours.
  • Ensure that before coating, the surface is totally dry, moisture free and clean.

Clean hands, tools etc. with MTO

PU 35 - N