PU – 30 (Aqueous Polyurethane Coating)


Chemistik PU – 30 is a Single Component moisture cure water based aliphatic type high performance coating. Its smooth and satin finish repels dust and prevents growth of algae, ftmgus, mould etc. It is economical having excellent water resistance and withstands temperature variation, a good antibacterial coating.


No primer required unless otherwise recommended for areas which cannot be prepared or are very porous. Refer to our Engineer.
PU 30 can be applied by brush or roller or spray. When using airless spray, caution to be taken to achieve the recommended thickness. Apply first coat on prepared surface. Apply second coat within 8 hours at right angles of the first coat. Inter coating interval should not be more than 8hours.
Finishing PU 30 should simultaneously be applied to all openings, protmsions, outlets, parapet walls, couplings, gutter valleys and expansion joints forming a good seamless, watertight finish. Treated surface should be allowed to cure for minimum 72 hours.

PU - 30


⦁ Onecomponent ready to use.
⦁ Excellent bond to a variety of surfaces.
⦁ Completely water/weather resistant.
⦁ Non toxic,Non flammable Ecofriendly coating.
⦁ Very low dirt pick up.
⦁ Resistance tomould,bacteria, ftmgus elc.
⦁ Can be appliedbybrush, roller or spray.
⦁ Tough and Flexible.
⦁ Can be applied on Damp surfaces.


It is suitable for application on almost all types of surfaces either for decorative and protective purpose. It is ideally suited for use in clean hygiene rooms in industries where very high standards of cleanliness are required like Pharmaceutical Industries, Hospitals, Hotel kitchens, Health Clubs and Spas etc., Also good for waterproofing of masonry surfaces of all kinds of concrete structures vertical or horizontal. Due to its smooth satin finish can be used in bath tubs, ceramic tiles in bathrooms to give a new look.


All equipments containers, brushes, tools, hands etc. can be cleaned with water.


Store in a cool dry place away from direct sun light.


Available in 20 Ltrs.


Work in well-ventilated areas. Do not smoke, do not use open flames, naked lights etc. while coating. Use protection gear like gloves etc.