PDS – 50 (High Build Anti-Carbonation Coating)

PDS 50
PDS 50

PDS-50 is a new generation eco friendly high build flexible coating specially formulated to provide superior waterproofing and anti carbonation cover to the structure. It is based on modified acrylates and copolymers with specially selected fillers pigments and additives. Its formulations is such it provides ultraviolet resistance excellent resistance to industrial gases and environmental pollution hence preventing loss of concrete alkalinity and completely waterproof thus providing long term protection tothe structure.


Specially formulated for easy and economical application by skilled/unskilled labours. Being ready to use can be applied by brush rollers and spray without wastage. Ideal for applications on concrete, render, brick, precast blocks, all masonry surfaces of buildings. Can also be applied metal, AC sheet, roofs, gutters etc. Flat and slopping concrete surfaces etc.


Always stir the contents well before use. For highly porous surfaces which diluting PDS-50 15-20% with clean water.
Where certain situation additional precautions may be required there it is recommended to use polyester fibre mesh sandwiched between two coats or PDS-50
Apply first coat on prepared surface with brush, roller or spray moving in one direction. Allow to dry for 6-8 hours. Apply second coat moving at right angle tothe first coat.


The surface to be treated should be clean and firm. Do not apply on fresh Concrete. Should be applied only after 28 days of curing. Except in case of primer dilution is not recommended for top coats.
Do not commence application when rain seem imminent.


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


4, 20 Ltrs.


⦁ Single component ready to use thixotropic viscosity.
⦁ Excellent adhesion to all masonry surfaces.
⦁ Good adhesion to metals and corrugated sheet roofings.
⦁ White color will provide heat reflective properties.
⦁ Crackbridging properties upto 2-3 mm.
⦁ Very low dirt pick up hence prevents growth of algae or fungus.
⦁ Flexible & tough can withstand structural movements.
⦁ Can be used for vertical and horizontal surfaces.
⦁ Breathable coating allows moisture vapours to escape.
⦁ Will not peelspall or blister.


Wire brush and clean all foreign matter such as dirt, grease, oils, laitance, fungus, mortar droppings, mould release agents, flaking paints etc. Wash the surface with detergent and clean water. All voids, hollow portions or uneven surfaces should be repaired with our Chemistik Repair Mortar. All visible cracks joints etc. must be filled with Acrylic Sealant chemistik Crackseal Caulking Compound. Surfaces must be sound, clean, firm and fully cured before application.


Wash hands, tools and equipment with soap and water.