HB – 70 (High Build Elastomeric Roof Coating)

Clear Sealer HB 70

HB-70 is a white, elastomeric, High Build Coating for waterproofing and weatherproofing of old and new built up roofs. This premium quality elastomeric roof coating is formulated from 100% acrylic resins and fillers having superior ultraviolet resistance and flexibility. HB70 provides durability, low temperature flexibility and excellent resistance to weathering and dirt pick up. Available in white andsomeselected colours.


Itis suitable for both new and remedial work and is used to waterproof concrete cementitious surfaces, asbestos, corrugated GI sheets. It is ideal for use on domes, steeples, folded plate roofs, inverted roofs, PUF insulated roofs, shell roofs, chimneys, precast valley gutters, chajjas, parapet walls.


No primer required unless otherwise recommended for areas which cannot be prepared . In which case AC – 10 primer is to be used.

HB-70 can be applied by brush or roller or spray. When using airless spray, caution to be taken to achieve the recommended thickness.
Apply first coat on prepared surface. Apply second coat within 8 hours at right angles of the first coat. Inter coating interval should not be more than 8 hours.
Finishing HB – 70 should simultaneously be applied to all openings, protrusions, outlets, parapet walls, couplings, gutter valleys and expansion joints forming a good seamless, watertight finish.
Treated surface should be allowed to cure for minimum 72 hours.


Work in ventilated areas and do not smoke during application and away from open flames, lights etc. Do not apply during inclement weather or when rain appears imminent.


Clean hands, tools with mineral turpentine.


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


4, 20 litres.

  • Superior flexibility: It is amazingly flexible, eliminates cracking and breaking even in broad temperature fluctuation. It is unaffected in normal thermal expansion and contraction.
  • Saves on Energy: The white surface reflects the sun rays and considerably reduces roof temperature by as much as 10°- 15° C, U.V. resistant, and reduces thermal movement. Day after day, HB-70 reflects upto 65% of sun’s harmful rays and resists considerable U.V.deg radation.
  • Non-Yellowing: The acrylic formulation is resistant to yellowing and chalking.
  • Breathable film: Provides avery effective barrier against bulk water yet allows trapped moisture to escape.
  • Seamless: Has no joints or laps which are often the cause of failure with sheet and built up water proofing systems.
  • Durable: The acrylic base provides excellent resistance to abrasion and weathering hydrolysis. Being one-component, it is very easy to use and requires relatively simple training and semi skilled labour to apply.

Clean all foreign matter such as dirt, dust, grease, laitence, mortar droppings, loose and flaking materials. Moss and fungus must be removed using suitable fungicide solution or bleach or dilute HCI solution, there after wash thoroughly.
Necessary repairs to defects must be carried out prior to coating like crazed unstable or hollow surfaces, major cracks, any protmsion, outlets, construction joints etc. For cracks and joints use our Acryseal Sealant/Crack seal Caulking Compound.
All surfaces to be treated must be properly prepared, sound clean, dry and fully cured and ready. New concrete to be cured thoroughly for 28 days prior to coating.
Ambient temperatures shall not be below 5°C and more than 45°C.
Avoid working during afternoons when temperatures are maximum.