Poolkote – 500 (Pool Coating)

Pool Kote

CHEMISTIK POOL KOTE 500 is a superior coating based on Acrylic Rubber blend combined with premium resins, pigments fillers and solvents. This coating has been specially developed for all Pool Decks, Tanks or water retaining structures which are open to sky. It has excellent weathering properties and protects the surface from deterioration against water and abrasion. Selected Colours give a good as thetic appearance.


As a protective cum decorative coating. Ideally suited for Swimming Pool Decks, Concrete water. Training structures, fountains, water body tanks in fisheries, reservoirs, spray ponds sumps, sea water channels, concrete sewage pipes etc. It can be used on new as well as for remedial work.


Always stir the contents well before use. New surfaces and highly porous surfaces need to be primed with CHEMISTIK AC-10 and allowed to dry for 3-4 hours. CHEMISTIK POOL KOTE-500 can be applied by brush or rollers. Apply first coat on prepared surface moving brush/roller in one direction. Second coat apply moving brush/roller across the first coat or at right angles. Inter coating interval should not exceed more than 8-10 hours for subsequent coats.


The surface to be treated should be clean, dry and moisture free. Cannot be applied on damp surfaces. Working areas should be well ventilated, as the fumes of the evaporation of solvent should not be inhaled. Smoking should not be permitted during application.


Being inflammable, it should be stored in cool, dry place away from heat and naked flames.


25 Kgs

  • Its flexible film can withstand temperature variations.
  • Resists growth of Algae & Fungus.
  • Tough & Flexible Film is highly abrasion resistant.
  • Excellent barrier against water.
  • Single component ready to use.
  • Washable and Scrub resistant. Will not peel deform or soften.
  • Excellent adhesion to all types of building materials.
  • Mild acid and alkali and chlorine resistant.

New Concrete surfaces should be cured for 28 days. Any Honey Combs Broken surfaces to be repaired with CHEMISTIK MC-500 Micro Concrete. Joints and cracks can be repaired with CHEMISTIK Conjoint – 50 Polymeric Sealant.
Wire brush and clean all foreign matter such as dirt, grease, laitance, mortar dropping, algae, fungus and loose flaking coatings. Wash and clean the surface with water and detergents thoroughly.
Surface to be treated should be firm and clean prior to coating. Do not work when ambient temperatures are below 5°C and above 45°C.
Application should not commence during inclement weather or when rain appears imminent.


Wash all containers, brushes, tools and hands with Mineral Turpentine only.

Colour : White, Dark Green, Apple Green, Terracotta, Golden Yellow
Finish : Smooth & Semi Glossy
Drying time @ 3o°C Surface dry : 1 – 2 hrs
Hard dry : 6 – 8 hours
Recommended Coats : Two – Three
Coverage Brush : 60 – 70 Sq. Ft. / Kg. / Coat
Dry Film thickness : 70 – 80 Mies per coat
Scratch Hardness : Excellent
Film Properties : Tough & Flexible
Cold Resistance : Sub Zero Temperature
Heat Resistance : Upto 1oo°C
Flash Point : 30°C