Epoxy Slurry Mortar (Heavy Duty Tank Coating)


Chemistik Epoxy Slurry Mortar is an instant water proof coating which when applied stops leakage, dampness, rising dampness, seepage of water from internal or external masonry walls, R.C.C. Slabs., tanks etc. Also ideal as an anti-skid coating.


Can be applied on Terraces, RCC Slabs, External & Internal walls, basements, Lift-pits, Water Tanks, Swimming Pools etc.
Can be applied in Bathroom, WC, Sunken Slabs for permanent waterproofing of the area.
Can be applied in MS tanks, PVC tanks, effluent tanks, pickling tanks, spray ponds, cooling towers etc.
Can be used for damp proofing course at preconstruction stage, for underground structures in Box type construction of walls, swimming pools, basements, magazines etc.
Bedding of acid proof tiles in Chemical Plants and Fertilizers Plants.
Can be applied on factory floors of dairies, abattoirs, aqueducts, nm ways , hangars where heavy traffic occurs, to minimise deterioration of concrete flooring and to reduce maintenance cost and increase the life of floors.


Rough Surface primed with Chemistik Epoxy Tack Coat will give additional mileage i.e. it will increase coverage at the same time and improve the bond of the coating. However, care should be taken to apply ESM coat while the ETC is still tacky.
As the Epoxy Slurry Mortar is three component consisting of (a) Mortar Resin, (b) Hardener, (c) Thickened Water, mix as under:
Open the lid of Chemistik Epoxy Slurry Mortar tin and loosen it.
Pour the hardener into Chemistik Slurry Mortar Tin.

Immediately, add into container the third component i.e. thickened water.
Stir the contents vigorously for 5 minutes with iron rod or wooden stick.
The contents will now turn into a brushable homogenous mix.
Start applying by brush on the prepared surface immediately.
Use the material as fast as possible but within 1 hour as it will start curing and become hard in consistency.
Allow to cure for 6 to 8 hours.
If subsequent coat is required for longer durability, apply as above.


Keep the container in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Do not smoke at the time of mixing and application. Use gloves wherever it is possible.
For better brush ability use nylon brush.


Keep the container in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
Do not smoke at the time of mixing and application. Use gloves wherever it is possible.
For better brushability use nylon brush.


Available in 20 kgs

  • High tensile, compressive, flexural strength.
  • Stops instantly leakages, seepages, dampness of masonry, substrates, like walls, RCC Slabs, M.S. Tanks, PVC Tanks etc.
  • Highly abrasion resistant, non-glossy, non-skid texture.
  • Resistant to mild acids and alkalies.
  • Can be applied on damp surfaces.
  • Economical, durable, reduces maintenance cost.
  • No skilled labour required in application.
  • Can be applied by brush.

The surface preparation before application plays an important part in obtaining longer and durable performance from the coating.
Clean the surface of loose particles and dust with the help of wire brush.
Clean the surface of oil, grease by using florklin solvent and wash the areas with detergent thereafter.
Wash the areas with water throughly to remove the contaminants.
Allow to dry.
Chemical cleaning, if necessary, can be done by using Hydrochloric Acid Commercial Grade by diluting with water in ratio of 1:2 by volume.
However, after treating surface it is required to rinse wash with water containing dilute ammonia solution (1 part ammonia diluted with 7 parts water.)
The surface where it is not possible to clean, in view of extensive area, it is essential to prime the area with Chemistik EP-SEAL 100 coat before application as a tie coat.
Freshly laid concrete can be coated only after 30 days curing.

Fill the cracks less than 10 mm with Chemistik Crackseal Compound.
Allow to dry for 24 hours.
Fill the crack above 10 mm with Epoxy Mortar SL – 1 / TC – 2 after assessment of the structural requirements. Allow to cure for 3 – 4 hours.
For pot-holes fill the area with Chemistik Floor Resurfacer. Allow to cure over night.


Clean the tools, hands, brush with soap and warm water/EP THIN 200.