Conjoint 50 (Polymeric Joint Sealant)


Chemistik: Conjoint – 50 is a two component Acrylic Polymer Modified Joint Sealant which when cured forms a flexible seal having exceptionally high adhesion properties to cementitious surfaces. This viscous putty can be applied by flat knife, trowel or spatula into joint to provide a tough and flexible waterproof seal which is also resistant to mineral oils, aliphatic solvents, aviation fuel and hydraulic fluids.


⦁ Ideal for all types of joints in Precast Blocks, Slabs, Paving Blocks etc.
⦁ Construction joints in Buildings &Factory Floors.
⦁ Airport R1mways, Highways etc.
⦁ Joints in large concreted rain pipes, sewers etc.
⦁ Repairing of large cracks in RCC Structures..


Proper protection must be taken to avoid direct contact with skin and eyes and inhalation of dust during mixing to protect, wear gloves, goggles and dust mask. Do not commence application when rain is imminent or when temperature is below 5°C or on standing water or excessively wet areas. Avoid splitting the pre weighted packs as supplied or adding any other material as this will directly affect the quality of the product. Ideal joint size must maintain 2 : 1 Width Depth ratio, use mixed material within its pot life.


Store in cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Do not store below 5°C.


It is recommended to use gloves, when working, clean hands tools with water, any hardened material can be removed by Spatul – Scrapper etc.


Available in 3 kgs.


⦁ Withstands high hydrostatic pressure.
⦁ Very high bond strength to concrete / masonry surfaces
⦁ Good shore hardness
⦁ Flexible yet tough
⦁ Can be applied to green / damp concrete
⦁ Resistant to wide temperature fluctuations
⦁ Very economical and durable.
⦁ Resistant to mild acids, alkalies etc.
⦁ Excellent Weathering Properties.


The joint must be clean from loose dirt, dust, gravel, mortar droppings. Ensure joint is firm prime joint sides with Chemistik Conjoint Primer allow to dry for 3 – 4 hours. before filling Chemistik Conjoint – 50.
Mix Con Joint – 50 (part A & B) as supplied by pouring the liquid in an open container. Add .powder slowly under stirring slurry condition with aid of mixer / electric drill, mix 1mtil mixture is lump free from 5 – 6 minutes. Make sure the back up material is fixed very tightly and firmly with into joint. Fill the mixed material into joint with spatula, trowel or knife compact it into the joint , tool off to achieve a smooth surface. Allow to cure for at least 72 hours.
For a neat job use masking tape on both top flat surface of joint. Remove tape before sealant is finally cured.