Chemseal PS – 100 / GG – 100 (Polysulphide Sealant)


Chemistik Chemseal is a two part Polysulphide Joint Sealant based on a high grade of synthetic rubber having ou tstanding resistance to deterioration due to weathering, ozone, U.V. light, chemical attack, industrial/atmospheric pollution etc. it can very easily accommodate and withstand repeated cycles of expansion contraction over awide range totemperatures onvarious types of substrates commonly used inbuilding and construction works.


CHEMSEAL can be supplied in two grades for vertical joints Gun Grade GG – 100 and horizontal joints Pourable Grade PS – 100.
joints where high movements is expected or where the performance specification is very rigorous for common mastics or sealant. It is ideal for use in expansion joints in reinforced concrete structures such as bridges, express ways, nm ways , reservoirs, spray ponds, basements, subways, water treatment plants and like water retaining structures. It can also be used on floors, which are subjected to heavy traffic movements.


Mix Resin & Hardner as supplied thoroughly. Donot split packs. Mix thoroughly with aid of electrical mixer or by hand for at least 10 minutes until a complete homogenous mix is attained. Improper mixing will result in uncured sealant. The sealant is designed to be applied by gun or using a trowel or spatula. Deeper joints to be filled in two or more operations to prevent entrapment of air. Once the sealant is applied it should be compacted Into the joint using a lubricated tool/spatula with soapy water to attain a good finish. Any masking tape used shouldbe removed before sealant is cured


Improper mixing will result in failure of sealant. Do not apply when rain seems imminent. Do not apply in temperatures below 4°C and above 45°C. Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. Do not smoke in the viclnty.


Clean hands, tools etc. with Chemistik EP Thin 200 only. The use of gloves and barriers creams is also recommended.


Store In a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Do not mix and leave material as it will cure and gel.


Available in 4 kgs.

  • Can be applied in joints ranging from 10 mm – 50 mm.
  • Withstands repeated cycles of expansion contraction.
  • Excellent adhesion to almost all surfaces: metals, glass, masonry etc.
  • Can withstand wide temperature fluctuations
  • Confirms to international standards.
  • Ideal for joints subjected to high hydrostatic pressures.
  • Excellent resistance to heavy and high traffic movements.
  • Resistance to ultra violet light, ozone.
  • Resistance to mild spillage of dilute acids, petrol, aviation fuel, diesel, kerosene, oils.

Concrete & Masonry: Surface must be clean and dry. Wire brush thoroughly and remove dust and all contaminants and any previous treatments, insert backup material and bond breaker where required to ensure the right ratio of 2: 1.The depth should not exceed the width of joint. Apply primer coat of Chemistik Primer – 10 on prepared surface highly porous surface may need second coat of primer.
Metal: Remove any corrosion or mill scale by grit or shotblast. Wire brush, grinder or chemical remover. Degrease the surfaces with clean cloths soaked in Florklin Cleaner.
Wood (Bare) Wood surfaces must be clean ·and dry. Cut back or abrade where necessary to sound timber.
Glass and Glazed Materials: Thoroughly clean the surfaces with clean cloth soaked in Florklin cleaner.
Coated Surfaces :Where feasible coatings should be removed and the surfaces treated as above.


(Approx.): As per chart below in Meters filled per Kg. of Sealant


CHEMSEAL PS – 100 / GG – 100