Acryseal (Acrylic Rubber Sealant)


Chemistik Acryseal Sealant is solvent based sealant that is best for all types of cracks and joints, indoors and outdoors. Its acrylic and rubber blend does not require any primers and remains permanently elastic.


It can be used for filling joints and cracks in concrete surface, concrete blocks, slabs, brick lining, aluminium sliding windows, doors, basement etc.
For corrugated roofs, asbestos, cement sheets, valley gutters, ‘J’ bolts in the roofs, G.I. / C.I. pipe joints etc.
For stopping leaks from joints around bathtubs, washbasins, kitchen platforms, sinks etc.
Numerous Industrial Application in the field of Automobile applications like headlight reflectors, windshields fixing, sealing joints in bodies, sound insulation etc. It can find various uses in the appliance industry for sealing various types o joints etc.
Prefabricated homes, Mobile homes etc.
In irrigation canals, aqueducts, pre-fabricated irrigation channel blocks etc


Fill cracks, j oints withthe help of spatula, putty knife or finger. Avoid formation of cavity or bubbles during application. Level and smoothen the sealant to surface with spatula lubricated with MTO. Remove masking tap eb efore sealant cures.


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

  • Single component white paste. No primer required, self curing.
  • Excellent adhesion to all common construction materials.
  • Tough yet flexible. Can accomodate normal expansion and contraction of structures.
  • Can withstand extreme temperature variations.
  • Can be applied in Joints having width/depth of not more than 15 mm.
  • Suitable for submerged joints like in tanks, swimming pools, reservoirs and adueduct.
  • All types of paints can be applied over it.
  • Does not crack, shrink or peel or sag.

Clean cracks, joints thoroughyl of tar, grease, oil and loose particles or any previous treatment. Suitable back up material to be used for joints having depth exceeding 15 – 20 mm. Expanded Polyethylene can be used as back up material. Surface should be dry and firm.


Clean hands, tools with petrol, MTO or Spirit.