PROTEK 4000 (Nano Lithium Sealer Coat)


Chemistik Protek 4000 Nano Lithium Sealer Coating is a hybrid inorganic/organic nano lithium protective clear coat, non yellowing its high performance and formulation is based on lithium-silicate water based technology having extremely low voc and environment friendly coating. this unique reactive chemistry forms an insoluble permanent bond with the surface rapidly curing into a micro protective surface. It goes through a series of Chemical reactions resulting in total crosslinking, reinforcing and sealing the surface, forming a tough durable bond with the surface and providing long term protective many times stronger than conventional systems based on epoxies, urethanes acrylics and silanes. It penetrates and forms an integral part of the surface hence will not peel or flake providing good gloss and a pleasing wet finish while maintaining the original surface look.


This high performance microfilm forming sealer coat can be used on almost all types of absorbent surfaces like Marbles, Granites, Natural Stones, Sand Stones, Terracotta, Clay, Bricks, Mortars, all types of concretes, pavers. etc. These surfaces find uses in Monuments, heritageBuildings, Stone Cladded Buildings, Parking Garages, Stadiums, Walkways, Driveways, Pavements, Concrete Floors as hardner and dustproofer.


Mix material in the container thoroughly. Pour the
material onto prepared surface and spread it with a
sponge rake, remove excess material and work into the surface by moving the sponge up and down. For better results use mechanical scrubber to work material into the surface and allow to dry for 2 – 3 hours. Repeat above procedure with sponge only to second and third coat allowing 2 – 3 hour cure time between each coat. For vertical surfaces spray material with a small squeege bottle and work the material into the surface with a hard
sponge. Repeat the procedure for second and third coats giving 2 – 3 hours interval between each coat. The surface is now ready for traffic. Do not allow standing water and spills for first 7 days. Full cure 7-14 days to attain its maximum properties.


Maximum cure time 14 days. Do not allow standing water or spills during this period. Clean immediately. Do not use acidic / citrus floor cleaners. Coverage will vary from surface to surface. It is advisable to carryout a test sample.


Wash hands, tools etc. with water immediately after use


5 Ltr. / 20 Ltr. drums.

  • One component easy to use
  • Economical compared to conventional system
  • Excellent bond will not peel
  • Completely non absorbent and waterproof, Good for interior and exterior surfaces
  • Very low down time. Traffic starts within 2 hours. Low maintenance easy to clean.
  • Dustproof, Stain and abrasion resistance. environment friendly very low voc.
  • Fast setting easy recoatability
  • Resistant to oil, some chemicals and many acids.
  • Resistant to algae and fungal growth
  • Reacts with concrete hardens it

For good result and long term durability,clean the surface thoroughly from all foreign particles.Grind the surface to create a smooth undulated surface for concrete. Repair any damaged concrete with Chemistik repair mortar.
Thereafter was and clean the surface thoroughly with clean water and allow to dry for at least 24 hours. New concrete should be cured for 7-14 days prior to treatment.


Store in cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Shelf life 6 months in original containers


During periodic cleaning of floors do not use acidic or citrus floor cleaners, use only neutral base cleaners. wipe and spills immediately, damaged area is easily recoatable following application procedures. Vertical surfaces will
not need cleaning