Looking for a Waterproofing?


Constant exposure to natural elements has an adverse influence on building materials. The type, degree and rate of degradation depends on environmental conditions like heat, cold, rain radiation and chemical environments.

Water, however, remains the most destructive element in forms as diverse as wind driven rain, condensation, ground seepage through cracks, joints, porosity in substrates, terraces, chhajas, sloping roofs. Water contains many damaging substances which seep through the constructions gradually weakening them.

To create a barrier against water penetration, to resist the forces of the environment and protect the structure thereby increasing its life, CHEMISTIK has researched and formulated some of the most effective surface coatings.

CHEMISTIK surface coatings have the ability to resist a wide range of external stress: physical, chemical and extreme climatic conditions. Moreover, they are designed to conform to stringent standards of civil engineering and architectural technology. CHEMISTIK surface coatings have proven their mettle over a range of metal and masonry surfaces, significantly reducing maintenance costs.