Flooring Products

Flooring Products

CCM-10 (Concrete Curing Membrane)

Traditionally, concrete is cured by moist curing. But, this method is sometimes not practicable due to several constraints, eg. acute shortage of water in desert regions, vertical or sloping surfaces, large and massive concreting surface like dams, canals etc. It is very imperative that hydration of water of freshly laid concrete must not […]

Epoxy Slurry Mortar (Heavy Duty Anti Skid Coating)

Chemistik Epoxy Slurry Mortar is an instant water proof coating which when applied stops leakage, dampness, rising dampness, seepage of water from internal or external masonry walls, R.C.C. Slabs., tanks etc. Also ideal as an anti-skid coating. ADVANTAGES High tensile, compressive, flexural strength. Stops instantly leakages, seepages, dampness of masonry, substrates, like walls, […]

EP TAC-303 (Epoxy Bond Coat)

EP TAC – 303 has been specially developed for use as a primer for the application of Chemistik Epoxy Systems. CHEMISTIK EP TAC – 303 has also been widely used to promote adhesion between new and old concrete. Also it can be used as an anticorrosive coating primer on metal/concrete structures. EP TAC […]

EP PLUS-800 (High Built Epoxy Flooring)

EP-Plus 800 is a high build self smoothing, Seamless Epoxy resin floor finish. It can be applied on to most surfaces to provide a waterproof, dustproof and hard wearing surface with excellent chemical and corrosion resistance. It also provides excellent resistance to oil grease, moisture, dirt, etc. It is easy to clean and facilitates […]

EP PLUS-500 (Epoxy Floor Coating)

CHEMISTIC EP PLUS-500 is a two component epoxy resin based, seamless floor finish. It can be applied on a variety of surfaces to provide a good aesthetic appearance to the floor and walls besides being smooth & glossy, it is dust proof, hard wearing and resistant to mild acids and alkalis. It can […]

EP SEAL-100 (Epoxy Primer)

SEAL 100 is a two component epoxy penetrating sealer type coating used for protection of new concrete from dusting and for restrengthening of old concrete. This sealer coat is capable of penetrating into the pores of the concrete to provide an effective barrier to inhibit moisture migration or penetration of corrosive chemicals, oils […]

EP PLUS-1000SL (Self Levelling Proxy Flooring)

CHEMISTIK EP PLUS 1000 SL is a specially developed self levelling and self smoothing solvent free epoxy based heavy duty seamless floor coating where a very high build up is required to provide abrasion, chemical & impact resistance and a smooth table top finish to the existing concrete floor. It can be easily […]

PU-2000 SL (Self Levelling Polyurethane)

Chemistik PU-2000 SL is a self levelling polyurethane based floor screed designed for use at thickness ranging from 2mm-5mm. It consists of mineral aggregates together with pigmented polyurethane resin suitable for floors where high abrasion and impact resistance along with chemical resistance is required. This thermal shock proof system is also suitable for […]

Florcote LS-5000 (Nano Lithium Floor Coating)

Chemistik Florcote LS-5000 Nano Lithium Floor Coating is a hybrid inorganic/organic nano lithium floor coating, its high performance and formulation is based on lithium-silicate water based technology having extremely low voc and environment friendly coating. This unique reactive chemistry forms an insoluble permanent bond with the surface rapidly curing into a micro protective […]

EP CLEAR-444 (Epoxy Clear Lacquer)

EP CLEAR -444 is a two component epoxy based colourless liquid coating. Its water white appearance provides high gloss and smooth surface when used as a finish coat over epoxy painting treatments. ADVANTAGES Being two component pre packed units it is easy to use. Can be sprayed, brushed or used with a roller. […]

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