ROOF COTE (High Build Acrylic Roof Coating)


Roof cote is a heavy duty single component white elastomeric waterproof coating. This premium coating is based on latest technology 100% Pure Acrylic Resins Premium Fillers and water. It is environment friendly with low VOC. Its high DFT and flexibility makes it an ideal waterproof coating for all types of roofs and provides long term protection and durability.


It is suitable for use in both new and remedial works of waterproofing. Recommended for use on all types of flat and sloping roofs. Ideal for domes, steeples, folded plate roofs, inverted roofs, shell roofs and all types of complicated concrete roofs or structures can also be used on metal roofs insulated with PUF or other insulating materials, pre cast structures, valley gutters, chajjas, parapet walls.


On prepared surface the use of primer is recommended as first coat use Chemistik Primer 102 WB by brush on entire surface and allow to dry for 6-8 hours.  Thereafter to apply minimum two coats of Chemistik Roof cote at intervals of 6-8 hours between each coat and at right angles to the first coat. Finishing Roof cote should simultaneously be applied to all openings, protrusions, outlets, golas, parapets, copings, chajjas etc to form a good seam less water tight finish. Treated surface should be allowed to cure for minimum 72 hours.


Do not apply on fresh concrete, only after 28 days of curing. Do not dilute the materials as its quality and performance will be affected. Wear protective gear. Do not apply on wet surface. Do not commence application when rain seems imminent.


Clean hand, tools etc with water immediately after use. Always recommended to use protective gloves etc.


20 Kgs.

  • Good outdoor durability
  • Resists UV Radiation
  • Good Bond to masonry and metal surfaces
  • Resists large temperature variations
  • White Colour reflects heat
  • Its breath able film allow moisture vapour to escape.
  • Very good flexibility resists normal movement of structure

Clean all foreign matter such as dirt, dust, grease, laitance, mortar droppings, loose and flaking materials. Algae and fungus must be removed using suitable fungicide solution or bleach or dilute HCL solution, there after wash and rinse thoroughly.
Necessary repairs to defects must be carried out prior to coating like crazed unstable to hollow surfaces, uneven surfaces, major cracks, any protrusion, outlets, construction joints etc. For cracks and join ts use our Chemistik Crack seal Caulking Compound.
All surfaces to be treated must be properly prepared, sound clean, dry and fully cured and ready. New concrete to be cured thoroughly for 28 days prior to coating.
Ambient temperatures shall not be below 5°C and more than 45°Cattimeofworking.
Avoid working during afternoons when temperature sare maximum. To ensure smooth flow of water and no ponding of water


Store in cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Shelf life 12 months in original containers.