CHEMISTIK EP SEAL – 100 (Epoxy Primer)


EP SEAL 100 is a two component epoxy penetrating sealer type coating used for protection of new concretefrom dusting and for restrengthening of old concrete. This sealer coat is capable of penetrating into the pores of the concrete to provide an effective barrier to inhibit moisture migration or penetration of corrosive chemicals, oils etc .


⦁ Being two component pre packed units it is ready to use.
⦁ Lowviscosity enables deep penetration.
⦁ Quick setting.
⦁ Prevents concrete from de-icing salts.
⦁ Makes the surface firm to receive further treatment.
⦁ Has binding properties.


For increased protection of concrete especially when below subsoil level.
Ideal for restrenghtening of old concrete especially when no further loading is possible. Where very little down time is available.
When concrete has become old and is dusting or porous.
Can be used in all types of concrete repairs and restoration work especially on industrial floors, airport runways, concrete rafts inbasements etc ..


The surface must be relatively clean, dry and free from surface contamination. All previous treatments must be removed by scrubbing, wire brushing and preferable by using an industrial vacuum cleaner.
Mix the Resin and Hardner as supplied and stir thoroughly


The mixed contents of sealer coat can be applied by brush, mop, roller. Minimum two liberal coats to be applied at an interval of about two hours between each coat. Very weak or porous surfaces may require further coats which can be determined by the Engineer on site.


Clean all tools, equipments immediately with Chemistik EP THIN 200 only.


Two component materials once mixed should be used up immediately. Do not apply on wet surfaces and fresh concrete. Do not split the packs. Working areas should be well ventilated as the vapours of solvents should not be inhaled for long durations. Smoking should not be permitted during application and away from open flames, lights etc.


Do not mix material and keep. Store original container in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.


4, 20 litres

CHEMISTIK EP SEAL - 100 (Epoxy Primer)

Colour : Pale Yellow Colour Liquid
Mixing Ratio : R: 63 to H : 37 byVolume
Drying Time @ 3o° C
Surface Dry : %-1 Hours
Hard Dry : 5 – 6 Hours
Pot Life : More than 8Hours
Coverage – On average Surface : 90-100 Sq.ft./Ltr. Coat
Flash Point  : Above 3o°C

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