Chemistik Dry Mix Mortars

Chemistik Dry Mix Mortars

Tile Glue (Waterproof Tile Adhesive)

Chemistik Tile Glue is a ready-mix, dry powdered glue for thin-set laying of ceramic tiles, mosaics and facing tiles on walls and floors, for repairs and laying tiles over existing ones, for laying large-size stoneware tiles and natural stone slabs such as marble etc. Traditional chipping at the back side of marble slabs, […]

Tile Grout (Powder Tile Grout)

Chemistik Tile Grout Powder is ideal for filling the tile joints. Suited for interior and exterior applications, it is water-resistant hence can be used wherever Chemistik Tile Glue has been used – for all types of ceramic tiles, mosaics, concrete and natural stones. Tiles should not be grouted until at least 24 hours […]

Repair Plaster RP-100 (Polymer Modified Repair Plaster)

Chemistik Repair Plaster RP-100 Polymer Modified Repair Plaster is a high quality polymer modified cement based ready mixed plaster mortar. It is a factory made mortar having a superior standard formulation based on Portland cement, graded fillers and additives which overcome the fluctuations and human errors of on site mixing. It can be used […]

Micro Concrete MC-500 (Free Flowing Micro Concrete)

Chemistik Micro Concrete MC-500 Free Flowing Micro Concrete is a one component prepacked factory made micro concrete suitable for repairs to all kinds of concrete structures. It is developed and so formulated can be used to reinstate large sections of concrete or recommended to be used where access is difficult or complex reinforcements […]

Chemi Grout GP-200 (Cementitious Non Shrink Grout)

Chemistik Grout GP-200 Cementitious Non Shrink Grout is  a general purpose high strength cementitious grout in powder form when added with controlled quantity of water it becomes a free flowing grout or a stiff consistency material for vertical applications. Its formulation is based on Portland cement, graded fillers and additives which impart controlled […]

Floor Hardner CH-300 (Monolithic Floor Hardening Compound)

Chemistik Floor Hardner CH-300 Monolithic Concrete Hardening Compound is a surface hardening compound for concrete. A quality controlled factory made powder containing special hardwearing aggregates Portland cement and additives which give it very hard wearing and abrasion resistant properties. It is easily trowellable bonds easily on green concrete and becomes an integral part […]

Flortop CH-301 (Mettalic Floor Topping Compound)

Chemistik Floor Top is a Cemetious powder consisting of Portland cement, graded filler and metal with additives to impart non shrink high strength tapping compound cum repair mortar. It has excellent flow properties and can be placed even in most complex areas or where difficult to reach. Its unique chemistry makes it suitable […]

Rapid RM-400 (Acrylic Rapid Repair Mortar)

Chemistik Rapid RM-400 is a two component acrylic rapid repair mortar comprising of part A powder and part B Liquid. It is specially formulated from acrylates for very quick repairs within a very short time and the traffic could resume within the hour. It is workable and can be used below sub zero […]

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